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Enerpac ZU4204BB-Q Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump

The Classic Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pump has an analog gauge and traditional electro-mechanical components including transformers, relays and switches, and delivers durable, safe and efficient hydraulic power.

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Product Details

  • Patented Z-Class pump technology provides high by-pass pressures for increased productivity
  • Enerpac ZU4 Hydraulic Pumps are built to power small to large torque wrenches
  • Features Z-Class high-efficiency pump design; higher oil flow and bypass pressure, cooler running and requires 18% less current draw than comparable pumps
  • Powerful 1.7 hp universal electric motor provides high power-to-weight ratio and excellent low-voltage operating characteristics
  • High strength, molded composite shroud protects motor and electrical components, while providing an ergonomic, non-conductive handle for easy transport
  • Low-voltage pendant provides additional safety for the operator
  • Valve technology reduces oil operating temperatures and withstands contaminants to increase pump reliability
  • Factory installed 10,000 coupler for use with S- and W-Series or other wrenches
  • Classic Electric Torque Wrench Pump:
    • Delivers durable, safe and efficient hydraulic power
    • Has an analog gauge and traditional electro-mechanical components including transformers, relays and switches
    • Basic electrical package includes mechanical contactor, ON/OFF toggle switch, pendant with electro-mechanical pushbuttons, 24V transformer timer and operator accessible circuit breaker


Model Enerpac ZU4204BB-Q
Maximum Operating Pressure 10,000 psi
Torque Wrenches Compatibility For use with any brand hydraulic torque wrenches
Reservoir Capacity 277 in3
Usable Oil Capacity 1 gallon
Maximum Flow at Rated Pressure 60 in3/min
Output Flow Rate 100 psi 700 in3/min
Output Flow Rate 700 psi 535 in3/min
Output Flow Rate 5000 psi 76 in3/min
Output Flow Rate 10000 psi
60 in3/min
Motor Size 1.7 hp
Motor Hertz 50/60 Hz
Motor Phases 1 Ph
Motor Voltage 115 V
Duty Cycle Intermittent
Valve Operation Solenoid
Valve Type 4-way, 2-position
Power Source Electric
Pump Control Pendant
Motor Electrical Specification 115 V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz
Weight 73 lb.

Available Accessories

  • Roll Cage
  • Skid Bar
  • 4-Wrench Manifold
  • Twin Torque Wrench Hose in 19.5′ & 39′


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Do you sell tools outside the country?

Yes, we provide tools all over the world.

Does the tool come with anything?

All of our tools come with a case.  Our Turn-of-Nut & Shear Wrenches come with the one size socket and a metal case.  The cordless tools come with one or two batteries, a charger, and a case.

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1-year manufacturers defect warranty on new tools.

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