Manual Torque Wrench Calibration Services

Calibration Services for Manual Torque Wrenches 

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GWY has the equipment and experience to perform the most efficient torque wrench calibration services for tools all over the world.

Calibration is necessary for torque wrenches at least once a year to ensure that they are operating accurately and reliably. We make the process quick and seamless by offering in-house calibration services performed by a veteran team of expert technicians. Your tools will be skillfully calibrated and returned to you in record time, so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Our torque wrench calibration services will help you tackle your biggest projects with absolute accuracy.

  • In-house calibration for most brands and models of torque wrenches — even if you didn’t buy them from GWY
  • Fast turnaround within 1 to 3 days


Step 1:

Fill out the form on this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before shipping your torque wrench, include a separate copy of your information with it. This ensures that your tool is correctly identified and can be returned in a timely manner.

Step 2:

Send us your manual torque wrench in need of calibration to:

GWY, LLC- 217 Forest Road, Greenfield, NH 03047

*Only send your wrench needed for calibration

Step 3:

Once we receive your manual torque wrench, our technicians will evaluate it and diagnose any additional problems you might be experiencing.

Step 4:

We will reach out with a price estimate for your calibration and receive confirmation from you to move forward with the calibration service.

Step 5:

We calibrate your manual torque wrench and send it back to you.

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Kind words from our customers:

For the Most Accurate Torque Wrench Calibration, Turn to GWY

Fast Turnaround
Our average turnaround time for torque wrench calibration is 1 to 3 days.

Partnership Mindset
Since 1975, providing long-term value through customer service has been our top priority.

On-Site Repairs
We have the equipment, parts inventory and experience to quickly and accurately service your tools.

Full-Service Expertise
Our team has the knowledge, expertise and drive to help you deliver absolute accuracy at every turn.

  • It was a great pleasure working with GWY. They go above and beyond to help with what we needed. Don was very quick on getting what we needed out to us to complete the job. Very proud to be a GWY customer.”

  • From choosing the right equipment for each job’s unique requirements to problem solving in the field, GWY is always willing to go out of the way to find a solution. Mix that customer service in with their technical expertise and easy-to-use tools, they really help make bolt up easy.”

  • I have enjoyed working with GWY. Their people know their product well. Their prompt response and delivery of the product is as good as any service Ogeechee Steel has ever had the pleasure of doing business with.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does calibration cost?

Calibration fees vary depending on the tool and are a one-time set price unless other repairs are needed. Customers are responsible for shipping costs. The quickest way to find out the cost for calibrating your tools is to fill out our request a quote form below.

How fast can you get my torque wrench back to me?

We know that going even just a few days without your tools can be bad for business. That’s why we pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround times. Average turnaround is typically just a few days, but we can provide same-day calibration and return shipping for urgent needs.

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