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What Makes a Great Rebar Tying Tool?

Rebar tying tools are a key asset in any project involving flatwork. These machines allow some operators to tie rebar much faster than they might using manual methods, while cutting down on the volume of wire used and the post-job cleanup. Rebar tying tools replace the repetitive, monotonous act of tying wire manually, thereby alleviating the risk of workers developing carpal tunnel or burning out. The recently developed standing models even help to eliminate the risk of back injuries, since workers do not need to remain bent over for long periods of time. Rather than taking jobs away from personnel, rebar tying guns allow those workers to perform their jobs with more accuracy and efficiency.

In addition to corded and battery-powered rebar tying guns from leading brands like Max, Dewalt and Makita, we also offer several models of rebar couplers. These tools help streamline the rebar tying process by holding rebar in place and decreasing the margin of human error.

Why Choose GWY Rebar Tying Tools?

As a leader in the industrial building space, we have access to the latest rebar tying technology and products. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you find the best solution for every job. We supply all of the wire for most of our rebar tying machines, and can easily provide demos for any product.

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Your questions, answered.

How much faster is a rebar tying gun than a human?

Rebar tying tools are not subject to human error, so they deliver the same accurate and effective tie with each pull of the trigger. They use about a third of the wire needed for manual tying jobs, which reduces time spent replenishing wire supplies. Rebar tying tools also produce less mess than tying rebar by hand, cutting down on cleanup time and effort.

What are the primary safety concerns for rebar tying tools?

Especially with handheld rebar tying guns, workers still run a risk of developing carpal tunnel due to the repetitive nature of pulling the trigger. Back strain from bending over is also a concern, so it’s recommended that workers utilize strategies to mitigate this risk, such as taking regular standing or stretching breaks or wearing a back brace. Standing rebar tying tool models eliminate this risk.

Why choose a rebar tying machine over tying by hand?

There is a concern that rebar tying tools replace the need for human workers — however, these tools actually enable workers to perform their jobs more efficiently, accurately and safely. Teams can also save time and money on job site cleanup, since rebar tying tools produce less mess than manual tying. Rebar tying tools play a major hand in reducing the risk of worker injury or burnout.

Which is better, a corded or battery-powered rebar tying tool?

Corded rebar tying guns offer a continuous power supply for the duration of a job, so there’s no risk of running out in the middle of a project. However, electrical cords can pose a tripping hazard on job sites, and they require access to a nearby power source. Battery-powered rebar tying guns offer flexibility and a greater range of motion, but require backup batteries or time to recharge, which could interrupt the workday. However, there have been recent advancements in the battery-powered tool space: Max utilizes the latest technology for their Twintier RB441T, a dual wire feeding tool that can deliver 4,000 ties per charge.

What is the standard price range for quality rebar tying tools?

Rebar tying machines from the leading brands — including Makita, Max, Dewalt and Brenner — can range from around $2,000 to over $3,000.

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