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MAX RB611T Rebar Tying Tool

The TWINTIER® RB611T Rebar Tying Tool is the fastest solution for tying #5 x #5 to #9 x #10* rebar combinations, making it the largest capacity rebar tying tool on the market.

TWINTIER® technology allows the RB611T to tie 5,000 ties per charge, while delivering just the right amount of wire for greater productivity and cost savings. Compared to hand tying this tool can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

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Model MAX RB611T
Wire Gauge 19 ga
Weight 5.7 lb. (2.6 kg)
Minimum Ties Per Coil 115
Maximum Ties Per Coil 205
Applicable Rebar Size #5 x #5 – #9 X #10*
Ties Per Charge 5,000
Tie Speed Approximately 1/2 second
Voltage DC 14.4V
Battery Charge Time 80 mins. full charge (60 mins. 80%)

*Varies by rebar manufacturer


  • The RB611T’s jaw capacity enables the tool tie up to a #9 x #10* rebar providing an efficient solution for large bar jobsites. *Varies by rebar manufacturer.
  • The TwinTier’s Dual Wire Feeding Mechanism doubles the tying speed, completing a tie in approximately ½ second, increasing productivity.
  • Compared to conventional rebar tying solutions the TwinTier’s Wire Pull Back Mechanism dispenses the precise amount of wire needed to form a tie, reducing wire usage and cutting production cost.
  • The TwinTier’s “Wire Bending Mechanism” (Patent Pending) produces a shorter tie height which requires less concrete to cover a wire tie.
  • An enclosed magazine protects tie wire and internal mechanisms from debris, providing greater durability.
  • The Twintier’s Quick Load Magazine allows operators to quickly load tie wire.



Kit Includes
  • RB611T Rebar Tying Tool
  • One (1) 14.4V Lithium Ion 4.0Ah Battery
  • One (1) Charger
  • Plastic Tool Case


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Do you sell tools outside the country?

Yes, we provide tools all over the world.

Does the tool come with anything?

All of our tools come with a case.  Our Turn-of-Nut & Shear Wrenches come with the one size socket and a metal case.  The cordless tools come with one or two batteries, a charger, and a case.

Is there a warranty on your tools?

1-year manufacturers defect warranty on new tools.

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