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TONE TN-20EZ Turn-of-Nut Wrench

The TN-20EZ is our smallest turn-of-nut wrench featuring a maximum torque of 398 ft-lb. and an angle setting dial.

Fully Tensioned Structural Bolts Maximum Torque
A325 – 5/8″, 3/4″ 398 ft-lb (540 N-m)
A325M – M16, M20
A490 – 5/8″
A490M – M16
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Model TONE TN-20EZ
Voltage 115 V
Maximum Current 13.5 A
Maximum Power 1,100 W
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Maximum Torque 398 ft-lb. (540 N-m)
No-load Speed 22 rpm
Tool Weight 11.2 lb. (5.1 kg)
Repeated Accuracy ±10°
Angle Range 90~240°

 Available Accessories

Inch Sockets Metric Sockets
Nut Dimension Across Flats Heavy-Hex Bolt Diameter Nut Dimension Across Flats Heavy-Hex Bolt Diameter Finished Hex Bolt Diameter
1 – 1/16″ 5/8″ 24 mm M16
1 – 1/4″ 3/4″ 27 mm M16 M18
30 mm M20


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Because the TN-tool is rotation based, can it do smaller sizes than what it is recommended for?

No, because for the tool to start counting the degrees of rotation, a certain torque must be met.

Does my TN wrench need to be calibrated?

No, turn of nut (TN) wrenches do not require calibration. TN tools are rotation tools, and they measure rotation mechanically. These tools either work or they do not. You can match mark to show they are functioning properly.

Are the same size sockets interchangeable between different tools?

Typically, the answer is no but there are exceptions.  The only interchangeable sockets for current model shear wrenches are between the GV-301ZA and the GVC-301EZ. The Older models like the S-60EZA share sockets with their newer models like the S-61EZ. The same is true for the S-90EZ and GS-91EZ as well as the S-110EZ and the GS-111EZ. There are a few TN tools that share sockets with each other such as the TN-20EZ and the TN-22EZ as well as the TN-30EZ and the TN-33EZ. The GNR series can share sockets with some of the TN tools. The GNR-31E, 51E, & 81E can use the TN-20EZ/22EZ bar sockets instead of impact sockets. The GNR-121E can use the bar sockets of the TN-24EZA and the GNR-211E can use the bar sockets of the TN-30EZ/33EZ. The GNR’s can also share impact sockets that have their correct drive size.