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Since our beginning in 1975, GWY has been the global leader in providing bolt installation tools for bridges, buildings, and large-scale industrial products. From day one, we have given top priority to customer service, focusing on building lasting relationships and long-term value beyond the products offered. Founded as TC Bolt Corporation by Gene and Gwynne Mitchell, the business is now in its second generation of leadership.

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How GWY became what it is today

A spark of inspiration came in the late 1960s, when Gene—an ironworker—was assembling a new gantry crane at Bath Iron Works in Bath, ME. The crane had been supplied by Japanese powerhouse, Nippon Steel, and featured a new type of bolt that had a twist-off tip (known as a TC bolt), as well as the electric shear wrenches necessary to install the bolts. Envisioning a broader application for these bolts across the United States, TC Bolt Corporation was soon formed to import and distribute TC Bolts and shear wrenches domestically.

By the late 1970s, the business had expanded worldwide, bolstered by large projects in Canada, South Africa, and Europe, with the opening of two new affiliated European offices.

Rapid growth continued into the 1980s, when the company moved to a larger facility in order to fulfill the demand for its bolting products.

By 1990, the demand for TC Bolt’s expertise in bolt installation tools and project consulting matched the demand for its other products, resulting in the tool business becoming its own self-sufficient enterprise: GWY, Inc.

Innovative Leaders

Our Turn-of-Nut wrenches are custom designed.

Our Turn-of-Nut line of wrenches are custom designed in partnership with the global leader in electric tool companies, TONE. Using our years of experience in bolt fastening with TONE’s years of quality wrench manufacturing, we have created a wrench that meets the high state and federal standards for structural fastening. Our other lines of tools include the popular Shear wrenches for TC bolts, and our torque wrenches for snug tightening, and tensioning hex-head bolts.

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