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TONE P150A Manual Torque Multiplier

The P150A is our compact torque multiplier with a 23x magnification ratio and a maximum torque output of 1,100 ft-lb.

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High torque output by hand

  • Tightens bolts with minimal effort even in confined spaces
  • Installation torque is absorbed by reaction arm, not the worker
  • ±5% repeated tightening accuracy
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise directions


Model TONE P150A (with included ratchet wrench)
Output Torque Range 220-1,100 ft-lb. (300-1,500 N-m)
Input Torque Range 10-45 ft-lb. (13-61 N-m)
Output Square Drive 1″ (25.4mm)
Input Square Drive 1/2″ (12.7mm)
Magnification* 23.0
Gear Ratio 25.0
Weight** 10.2 lb. (4.6 kg)
Shipping Weight 18 lb. (8.2 kg)


With Manual Torque Wrench (sold separately):

Model Torque Wrench Output Torque Input Torque Weight**
P150AT T4MF75 345-1,100 ft-lb. 15-50 ft-lb. 10.8 lb.    (4.9 kg)
T4MN100 460-1,500 N-m 20-65 N-m

*Actual magnification may vary depending on condition

**Total weight of the torque multiplier, side-type reaction arm, and ratchet wrench


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Instructional Manual

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  • I have enjoyed working with GWY. Their people know their product well. Their prompt response and delivery of the product is as good as any service Ogeechee Steel has ever had the pleasure of doing business with.”

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Does the tool come with anything?

All of our tools come with a case.  Our Turn-of-Nut & Shear Wrenches come with the one size socket and a metal case.  The cordless tools come with one or two batteries, a charger, and a case.

Is there a warranty on your tools?

1-year manufacturers defect warranty on new tools.

What is the lead time on getting this tool to me?

If we have it in stock, we can send it next day air within the US to get to you tomorrow.