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Prevent damage to fasteners (and workers) while applying the correct torque every time with our industrial torque wrenches. Designed for daily, long-term, heavy-duty use, each of our industrial torque wrenches comes with the required accessories to get you up and running on the job site in no time.

Need to access tight quarters while prioritizing maneuverability? Go with a low profile hydraulic torque wrench. Need to ensure a bolt is snug tight before applying the final turn? Choose one of our cordless impact wrenches. From lightweight to heavy duty, browse our industrial torque wrench options below:

  • Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
    • Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
    • Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
  • Electric Torque Wrenches
    • Corded Electric Torque Wrenches
    • Cordless Impact Wrenches
  • Manual Torque Wrenches

When you’ve found the right tool for your application or need assistance, contact our expert team for a quote.

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Kind words from our customers:

  • It was a great pleasure working with GWY. They go above and beyond to help with what we needed. Don was very quick on getting what we needed out to us to complete the job. Very proud to be a GWY customer.”

  • I have enjoyed working with GWY. Their people know their product well. Their prompt response and delivery of the product is as good as any service Ogeechee Steel has ever had the pleasure of doing business with.”

  • From choosing the right equipment for each job’s unique requirements to problem solving in the field, GWY is always willing to go out of the way to find a solution. Mix that customer service in with their technical expertise and easy-to-use tools, they really help make bolt up easy.”

  • GWY has been a great company to work with. My company requires receipts for all credit card purchases and GWY has made this very easy. With rental equipment this usually isn't the easiest to deal with but they have made this process very smooth. I get a weekly receipt emailed to me without having to ask for it. They also have great customer service and are very helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend.”

  • GWY’s parts inventory and response is top notch. You can expect prompt, respectful, knowledgeable answers to questions and full cooperation when you need it. Truly a mark of a reputable company with a good team.”


Your questions, answered.

Do you bill by the month for rentals?

We typically bill by the week but we’re working on a monthly option.

Do you sell tools outside the country?

Yes, we provide tools all over the world.

Where do you ship your rental tools?

We’re happy to ship available rental tools to customers throughout the U.S. and certain parts of Canada. If you are in Canada, please contact us to check if rental options are available for your location.

How much do rentals cost?

Rental fees are charged weekly and vary depending on the tool rented. Customers are also responsible for shipping costs and repayment if the tool is lost, stolen or damaged. There will be a payoff amount for the tool listed on your contract. The quickest way to know your costs is to fill out our request a quote form.

How much does calibration cost?

Calibration fees vary depending on the tool and are a one-time set price unless other repairs are needed. Customers are responsible for shipping costs. The quickest way to find out the cost for calibrating your tools is to fill out our request a quote form below.

What do I do with my rental after I am done with it?

Verify everything is back in the case and send it back to GWY at 217 Forest Rd., Greenfield, NH 03047 in the preferred method of your choice.

Are there any used tools for sale?

We do have some used tools for sale but the selection of used is limited.

Is there a warranty on your tools?

1-year manufacturers defect warranty on new tools.

Does the tool come with anything?

All of our tools come with a case.  Our Turn-of-Nut & Shear Wrenches come with the one size socket and a metal case.  The cordless tools come with one or two batteries, a charger, and a case.

How fast can you get my torque wrench back to me?

We know that going even just a few days without your tools can be bad for business. That’s why we pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround times. Average turnaround is typically just a few days, but we can provide same-day calibration and return shipping for urgent needs.

What is the turnaround time for repairing/recalibrating my tools?

When we receive the tools, we typically have a one to two day turnaround time before shipping back to the customer.

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