The Torque Control Wrenches in our STC Series are Designed for Precise Calibration and Versatile Applications

Our most versatile torque control wrench, the STC Series can be used for a number of applications. It can be used for the work of snug tightening your bolts; or it can be used as a calibrated wrench; and DTI installation jobs. You can even use it for turn of nut applications. They use standard impact sockets and there are torque multipliers designed for these tools that will increase the torque of the wrench up to 21x its usual capacity.

With an STC Series Torque Control Wrench You Get:

  • Powerful, controllable torque
  • Torque control function works in both directions
  • Non-impact/constant speed
  • One-sided installation
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Easy transition from impact tools because these use standard impact sockets
  • Easy handling


For snug tightening or calibrated wrench installations, simply set the torque control dial to the torque necessary to “snug” tighten or fully pretension the bolt assembly. For DTIs, you set the torque to the amount necessary to compress the DTI washers to the required gap, then the tool will stall when it reaches the preset torque. For turn of nut, mark the socket for the specified angle of rotation and rotate the socket until it satisfies the specified amount of turn.

We have a complete stock of spare parts and accessories for all STC Wrench models that are available for same day shipment.

Take a look at how our STC Series Torque Wrench works

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Available Torque Wrench STC Series Models:

  • STC-3AE/STC-3TE This is our smallest square drive electric torque wrench available, at 10 lbs in weight it still has an adjustable torque range of 110-120 ft lb
  • STC-5AE/STC-5TE At 220 -370 ft lb in adjustable torque range, this is a more powerful wrench than the STC 3 series weighing in at less that 12 lbs
  • STC-7AE/STC-7TE This wrench levels up the power to an impressive 260-520  ft lbs, like our other electric torque wrenches, it’s ease of use will make you wonder why you hadn’t gone to electric sooner
  • STC-11AE/STC-11TE This model has been replaced by the STC 12, but we still carry parts and service these models
  • STC-12AE/STC-12TE With its impressive adjustable torque range of 370 – 900 ft lb and its array of available accessories, this torque wrench can answer most high torque needs
  • STC-21AE/STC21TE Made for 1 1/2 inch square drive sockets, this electric wrench is a monster of power with 750 – 1550 ft. lb of adjustable torque range
  • STC-50AE/STC-50TE When it comes to brute power, our STC 50 is the largest in the class. It has an astounding adjustable torque range of 1500 – 3700  ft. lb

Accessories for the STC Series includes Torque Multipliers

All STC wrenches have torque multipliers available to increase their capacity. Torque Multipliers allow a single STC Series wrench to install a full range of bolt sizes and grades.

Torque multipliers are easily attached to the STC wrenches. Just slide the multiplier over the square drive on the wrench.

The addition of a torque multiplier can increase the maximum torque output of the STC Series wrenches by up to 450%.

Have you thought about getting a tool designed specifically for Turn of Nut? Check out our Turn of Nut wrenches.

GWY has been a global leader in bolt fastening tools since 1975. Our Turn of Nut line of wrenches are custom designed in partnership with the global leader in electric tool companies, TONE. Using our years of experience in bolt fastening with TONE’s years of quality wrench manufacturing, we have created a wrench that meets the high state and federal standards for structural fastening. Our other lines of tools include the popular Shear wrenches for TC bolts, and our torque wrenches for snug tightening, and tensioning hex-head bolts. We also offer calibration repair services, rentals, and spare parts for all the wrenches we sell and some discontinued models. Our goal is absolute accuracy for any bolt fastening project. Call 888.838.6500 for information and pricing.