Torque Control Wrenches With the Reaction Arm Built Into the Socket

GWY’s TONE-brand torque control wrenches are non-impact, versatile, and quiet. Because of that, these wrenches will change the way you work construction of bridges, buildings, and industrial applications. For example, they can be used for snug tightening of bolts or as a calibrated wrench. Also, these wrenches can be used in conjunction with your DTI fasteners. Furthermore, the fastening process is greatly simplified with these torque control wrenches because you can preset them to your torque requirement. In addition, they even shut off when the torque requirement is reached.

See the SR Series Torque Control Wrench in Action:

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Available SR Series Torque Control Models:

  • SR-31E/SR-32E GWY’s smallest electric torque wrench. This wrench uses bar sockets and has an adjustable torque range of 110-220 ft. lb.
  • SR-51E/SR-52E This wrench is a little heavier than the SR-31E/SR-32E. And, for bigger jobs, this wrench has a more powerful adjustable torque range of 220-370 ft. lb.
  • SR-71E/SR-72E This wrench is one step up from the SR-51E/SR-52E. This is the tool to use for 3/4 and 7/8 jobs and has an adjustable torque range of 260-520 ft. lb.
  • SR-121E/SR-122E This wrench is more narrow in the socket range and provides an impressive adjustable torque range of 370-900 ft. lb.
  • SR-171E/SR-182E This wrench is perfect when you are looking for a specific spot in terms of power. It has an adjustable torque range of 630-1250 ft. lb.
  • SR-211E/SR-212E This is the highest capacity electric torque wrench available. It has an adjustable torque range of 750-1550 ft. lb.


GWY has been a global leader in bolt fastening tools since 1975. Our Turn of Nut line of wrenches are custom designed in partnership with the global leader in electric tool companies, TONE. Using our years of experience in bolt fastening with TONE’s years of quality wrench manufacturing, we have created a wrench that meets the high state and federal standards for structural fastening. Our other lines of tools include the popular Shear wrenches for TC bolts, and our torque wrenches for snug tightening and tensioning hex-head bolts. We also offer calibration repair services, rentals, and spare parts for all the wrenches we sell and some discontinued models. Our goal is absolute accuracy for any bolt fastening project. Call 888.838.6500 for information and pricing.